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sacrament gifts

Sacraments are wonderful occasions that we hope to have a lasting impact on our day to day life, prayer life and family culture!

Part of the day inevitably involves gift-giving to help to mark the special day. I have spoken with many parents and Godparents and Confirmation sponsors who have on occasion been at a loss for a unique gift to give to a child.  Looking for something to help the child remember their First Sacrament and grow in their Catholic Faith…can be difficult and many resort to secular gifts or cash because they are not sure what to buy and even more uncertain where to find it.

I wanted to get the word out for these products! Sure…a few of these products are our own, available at The Arma Dei Shoppe, but many are unique Catholic gifts that we have found at Catholic conferences and awesome Catholic bookstores.


The Catholic Children’s Bible (St Mary’s Press)

See my Review of  The Catholic Children’s Bible

Break-Through Bible (also available at Saint Mary’s Press)

Picture Bible (available through Holy Heroes)



Dragon Slayers (teaches the sins and vices and dragons and profiles 23 saints as mentors!) If you purchase at The Arma Dei Shoppe, we’ll send you a FREE Progress Report PDF!

Hand in Hand with Jesus (Faith Journal offering journal prompts reflecting all 7 Sacraments and developing prayer life)

Saint Cards

My Heavenly Friends Collection (Saint prayer cards available at Brother Francis Online)

See my Review of My Heavenly Friends Collection

Holy Traders (Saint Trading Cards)


quizzing cards

Cathletics Playing Cards (regular playing card deck can also be used as Catechism quizzing cards: numbered cards show Catechism, face cards show Holy Family and Trinity)


Happy Tiny Saints

Happy Saints (ebooks, prints, shirts…)

Tiny Saints (rubber-like durable Saint charms)

Hand-Made SaintsSaintly Silver (hand-made felt Saint dolls)

Soft Saints (quality 18″ handmade dolls)

Painted Wooden Saint Dolls at St Luke’s Brush (hand-painted 3.5″ wooden peg doll Saints)

New! Pick A Saint, Any Saint! book at Catholic Artworks




Faith Crosses (cross made of wire and nails)

Cord Rosary and Chaplet kits (Illuminated Ink)


Hand-made Scapulars (Sew Sacramental)

Lego Rosary


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What awesome Catholic products have YOU discovered for unique and inspiring Sacrament gifts? Leave a link in the comments!

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  1. What great ideas! Thanks for putting this list together!!! 🙂 LOVE the Soft Saints!

  2. Monica
    You’re awesome! Thank you for sharing these amazing sacrament gifts and thanks also, for linking to my Memoir Monday hop!

  3. Those are all cute religious gifts. I remember receiving an angel and a cross keychain from a friend and my mother. I still have the silver cross keychain with me.

  4. Hi Monica, thanks for sharing your cool finds! The Tiny Saints are super cute and perfect to attach to backpacks. I’m always a fan of Happy Saints. God bless!

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