What’s in YOUR Mass Kit?

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Looking ahead to the long liturgies of the Triduum, we’re looking for ways to keep our almost 3 year old Adam from raising havoc.

Judging by our latest trips to the bank, to Walmart and the grocery store….we have a big challenge!

Our Mass Kit props need to be quiet, calming and appropriate for Mass.

lace up missal  1. Lace-Up Missal.  We currently have a Cathletics Craft Kit with all the templates you need to create a Lace-Up Missal in English and a Lace-Up Missal in Spanish.

Templates are in black and white for kids to color AS WELL AS full color…for ready-to-assemble kits!  Instructions are included for folding and hole-punching.

We use cord or shoe laces from the dollar store to thread through the hole-punched holes of the key text of the new translation of the Mass.

CKC2. Cathletics Key Cards were one of our earliest products and at one time, we had 18 different titles.

The key card spinning flap rotates to reveal and cover the answers on the different themed cards listing categories of the Catholic Faith.

reverenceandawecards3. Reverence & Awe Collector Cards teach the vessels and vestments, sacramentals and church furnishings… found in a Catholic Church!

The backs of these cards have different phrases from the text of the Mass…but since they are from the previous translation of the Mass,

we offer them for the discounted price of $8/deck.  They still have awesome illustrations and descriptions…and your kids will learn alot from them!

St Therese Good Deed Beads4. Good Deed Beads encourage good behavior at Mass! We have even posted a tutorial for how to make Good Deed Bead Bracelets!

finger puppets5. Passion Play Finger Puppets:  We picked these up from Oriental Trading Co. a few years ago and I think they will come in handy!

The finger puppets no longer seem to be available, but Oriental Trading Co. Easter figures would work well also!


I forgot Color Me Catholic!  Just ONE of the TEN booklets included is helpful for each kid at Mass to pay attention to what they see and hear!

What’s in YOUR Mass Kit?



  1. These are awesome ideas, with our five children ranging from 18mos to 11 yrs old, we could really benefit from Cathletics Kits. The younger ones can stay busy while we stay engaged in the Mass!

  2. Adorable! Wish I had done this when my girls were little,!

  3. Thanks for the great ideas! Our three year old has recently started having a harder time than usual. Its hard to convince him that there is a time to act like a goofball, and a time to be quiet and listen! I can get him to sing and say some responses sometimes though which is nice, and adorable.

  4. My son just turned 2 and he is having a very difficult time at Mass. We have a few board books about Jesus that we rotate in, and I always include a small notebook, crayon, and some religious stickers. It isn’t very educational, but that will keep him occupied sometimes. We also purchased some lace up cards for my 4 year old daughter that have religious images on one side and a Bible verse on the other, but we stopped taking them to Mass, because the kids just started playing with the string! Oh, and we always have a rosary in our Mass bag.

  5. Wow, these are all great ideas! I’ve got to get the lace-up Missal.

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