Our Family Leprechaun

Sometimes, I just have to MAKE something…in the midst of cleaning the house, cooking and preparing for a family party …like our St Patrick’s party…tonight!
Using the same pipe cleaner felt people technique I used for the Felt Friends Holy Family, 
I decided that it was about time that we had our own family leprechaun!
I will post more directions after I look up the proper names for the stitches.
I just cut the felt as I went along, but I may be able to make a pattern…leave a comment if you’re interested!Gotta go!…the guests are arriving!

…We had a fun party with our plastic tablecloth rainbow, shamrock decorations made by Bridget, our St Patrick TY doll, and felt friends leprechaun (see above!).  We ate spinach dip, brie and apple slices, and smoked salmon for appetizers…and shamrock buns, Irish stew, corned beef and cabbage for dinner.  Our cocktails were filled with green star-shaped ice cubes and our dessert included shamrock shortbread cookies, chocolate covered pretzel shamrocks and authentic Irish coffee (and hot chocolate!)

Grandma finally got her Irish sing-a-long

…and almost everyone sang!


  1. So cute!

  2. adorable, creativity places you even closer to the Creator

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