Good Friday Prayer

I thought it would be a nice idea to pass on a prayer my Grandmother, Josephine Quinn Hughes said each Good Friday. Please share it!

Prayer to be said 33 times between the hours of One and three on Good Friday:

O my Lord Jesus Christ, I most humbly beg of Thee,

by the merits of Thy Passion and Thy Divine Heart,

and by the intercession of Thy most cruel death,

to assist me in this my recent necessity.

HEART of Jesus, I put my trust in you.

I need your HELP, O Lord.  HEAL me, Divine Physician, of all my ills.

I put my HAND in your HAND

as I walk with you towards my HEAVENLY HOME

where I will enjoy eternal HAPPINESS.



Build a Stations of the Cross Carousel…perfect for Good Friday!

passion play peg people

Passion Play Peg People also great for Good Friday!

sneak peek Seder Supper

Seder Supper with FREE printable!  maybe next year?


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