Annual Family Sacrament Celebrations!

revised_Annual_Sacrament_CelebrationsSacraments: another reason to celebrate every Season!

Sacrament Celebrations Cake Toppers illustrated with Kelly Comics, created by our daughter when she was  11 years old!

These can help decorate dessert or the table…or be used as a fun Sacrament matching game.  Customize your Sacrament Cake Toppers, by recording the actual dates of First Sacraments…in your family!

Check out our recent Sacrament Series posts:  Sacrament activities to actively celebrate these special moments of Grace:

 Journal the Sacraments and Scrapbook the Sacraments!

Build momentum for our ongoing Sacramental life, receiving Holy Communion and Reconciliation regularly!

sacrament_cake_toppersCustom Baptism

Custom CommunionObviously, Baptism occurs throughout the year, but in our diocese…

First Reconciliation seems to fall in February (during Lent)

First Communion often happens in April (in the Easter Season) and

Confirmation happens in May or June after Pentecost.

Even when I researched the original dates of the first Sacraments for my husband and for me….they seem to follow the same pattern. Priest ordinations often fall in May or June, probably linked closely with Pentecost.

I think the celebration of Sacraments shouldn’t be limited to JUST the actual event, but should be celebrated annually as an anniversary! I think it makes sense to celebrate all the Sacraments received by all or most of the family members within that month.

Check the dates of your family Sacrament dates! (I found mine on our previous FRIDGE CALENDARS.)

In my house, April can host the Holy Communion party, June… the Confirmation party and

 Custom Confirmation Custom_Reconciliation

February could host the Reconciliation Reflection/Retreat ….a little more calm and dignified celebration, especially if it falls within Lent!

Check out the Sacraments Cele-LINKY!  Add your family ideas for celebrating Sacraments and pick up some new ones like Baptism and First Communion cakes, cupcake toppers, Reconciliation prep and activities, Gifts of the Holy Spirit crafts!

There are lots of easy ways to make store-bought desserts reflect the Sacrament celebration!

Dig out the family photos of these events to decorate the table or make a sign listing the Sacrament candidates for that month.

Weddings often fall in the summer months and warrant special celebrations, especially as couples within family and friends reach special milestone years.

Baptisms occur all year round and offer a wonderful opportunity to scatter special celebrations across all of the months.

November is already a special month to remember our loved ones who have passed away (and likely received the Anointing of the Sick), but keeping the actual dates on a perpetual calendar can remind us to offer our special prayers for our loved ones.

Do you have any priests or nuns in your family? Celebrate their dates of ordination or final vows.  Send them a card if they’re not celebrating with you!

Sift through your Sacrament records and record the dates in a perpetual calendar.

 We have a craft for that!


The Communion of Saints Calendar, creatively illustrated with Kelly Comics, offers a unique design to record all the important birthdays, Sacrament anniversaries and dates when loved ones passed away.  Combined with favorite family saints’ feast days, this little calendar becomes a special treasured heirloom, combining Faith and family history. With the initial dates of important events recorded, the calendar may be copied in color and bound for a beautiful gift for extended family.  Everyone will have access to all the important dates and can further enhance the calendar with new milestone dates YEAR after YEAR. 42 Saints are illustrated in this calendar, plus special Mysteries of the Rosary!



revised_Annual_Sacrament_CelebrationsRecord the special dates of the First Sacraments. You might be surprised to see the overlap of dates across other family birthdates and milestones.

Cultivate Catholic family culture, by remembering these wonderful events of God’s Grace…throughout EVERY year, inspiring us all to pursue the Holy Spirit as we develop in virtues, gifts and graces and continue to receive Reconciliation and Holy Communion regularly!

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  1. Margaret Clapp says:

    Thanks for the free sacramental download! Just thought I should update you a bit. In the download you provided you have a “sister/nun” pictured with a “holy orders” label. Unfortunately the church does not have a sacrament of Holy Orders for women. Holy Orders AKA “ordination” is reserved only for men. All “women religious” who belong to a religious order are only “officially” considered lay women.

    You probably already knew this but if you daughter did these when she was 11 it probably didn’t occur to her at that point .

    Thanks again for all of your great stuff.
    Margaret Ann Clapp

    • Oh…I’m so sorry! I can’t blame this error on my daughter. I will be repairing this FREE Sacrament Celebration printable and it should be available early next week. I will also try to contact all those who have downloaded it already. Thanks for the correction…and the kind way you worded it. I have learned that not all commenters are so diplomatic. =)

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