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Catholic_Letters_ButtonAdam and Frankie are toddlers who correspond through their Mom’s blogs Equipping Catholic Families and Catholic All Year  about being Catholic and being the youngest in a big Catholic family.
For the complete correspondence of Adam and Frankie…check out The Catholic Toddler Letters!
Dear Frankie,
It has been a while since we corresponded!
I learned about some of the things you have been up to on your Mom’s blog including what your family does on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday!
I know that this is the most important week of the whole year for us Catholics, but I’ve got to tell you, I’m working on my game plan for some long liturgies.  I know we’ve discussed Mass Survival Tips and Mass Survival Strategies, but I think the next couple days at Church will really put those to the test!
I’m going to be 3 years old in a couple weeks and I have just started to reflect on toddlerdom and thought I could pass along a few tips.  These tips don’t have anything to do with going to Mass, but I thought you might like to take it from me:
These are some things you shouldn’t do
(even if it seems like a good idea at the time):boots
1. Have a tantrum at the bank because your Mom doesn’t let you run into the vault.
2. Drop to the floor and pretend that your Mom dropped you and launch into a kicking and screaming fit…also at the bank.
3. Break the St Anthony statue that has been in your sister’s room forever…and in your Dad’s room when he was a kid…and hide it in a bag.
4. Color your legs with blue marker while you sit on your Mom’s white duvet.
5. Call 9-1-1 even though your sister did it twice when she was your age and the police were really nice (and cool looking) when they came to the door (when I did it).
6. Eat marshmallows that are really old because there is no reasonable chocolate to be found in the house these weekdays of Lent!
7. Break the cute little country-house-teapot or really any other wedding presents of your parents’.
8. Clean the toilet. Or try to empty your own potty into the toilet. Or pee standing up before you’re Dad gets a chance to coach you.
9. Press the garage door opener closer, when your Mom is getting the groceries out of the trunk of the van (parked in the garage) so that the door comes down on her head.
…and lastly, 10. Insist on going out -with only your boots on- even if it is officially Spring.
Most of these thing happened in the last week… I bet I’ll have another list for you soon!
So do you have anything planned for Church during the Triduum?
I have a feeling that my Mom is going to bring some props to try and keep me busy.  I’m thinking the Reverence & Awe cards (they already have a zip-tie so I can’t play ‘scatter’ with them.
passion play peg people
Either that or our Passion Play Peg People…although I’m pretty sure I could throw them around…
We still have a few days to figure it out.
All for Jesus Lent Challenge
Anyone still joining the All for Jesus Challenge? Just a couple of days left …and it’s not too late to enter! There are prizes!!
Just add special sacrifices or Lent projects to the link-up, especially with the extra effort we can put into this for Holy Week…with Easter Sunday in sight!
*Adam and Frankie will select the entries that impress them the most and winners will be contacted next week!


  1. Love this! Adam, you sound like you know what your doing. 🙂

    Too cute.

  2. Ha! Ha! Love the list, Adam! At least you didn’t kick over the mother mary statue in a fit of anger or steal your brother’s pillow pet even though it’s not yours to take like someone I know!

  3. Wow Adam, you had a week for the record books! Our Moms really don’t appreciate all the awesome mortifications we provide for them so that they can grow in humility.


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