Year of Faith Tumble Tower

Another Converted 2 Catholic Classic Board Game 
brought to you by
Equipping Catholic Families!

This post was originally published with a different name, but the nice people who represent the official game JENGA® would prefer that 
I do not use their logo or name! 
Sorry everyone!

In honor of the Year of Faith, I decided to take
our family Jumbling Tower game
and convert it to Catholic!

I like the primary color blocks and I think I could easily use the colors to my advantage!  With 56 Year of Faith pairs of Catechism categories and answer labels, the different colors could reflect the different levels of difficulty of the categories.  For now, I just randomly secured the labels from the template to the different colored blocks, but you may decide to organize them differently.
There are only 48 wood pieces in my “Jumbling Tower” set, but I believe that the original game has 54 blocks and they may be a tiny bit bigger. I have created the template to fit both game pieces.

 ***2015 UPDATE***

Here’s an awesome tutorial to Make Your Own Giant Jenga out of 2x4s!

Tower Tumble 300px


Tower Tumble

Cathletics Craft Kit

includes JUMBO Tower Templates!

26 Page PDF Download: $10

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Although we do have a number of FREE printables available for subscribers of Equipping Catholic Families and Arma Dei facebook “likers” these TWO little printables comprise a RIDICULOUS amount of research, cross-referencing and formatting, so we hope that you will consider it well worth the $10!

We will also be posting additional activities and ideas at Equipping Catholic Families to take advantage of these cool templates…so we hope that you will take the time to subscribe by email or follow us to get the latest updates!

Print out your copy of Year of Faith TOWER TUMBLE.

You will notice that there are 2 key printable pages with all 56 pairs of Catechism categories.
The printable may be printed on 8.5″x11″ label paper OR on plain white paper and secured with a glue stick, mod podge (especially if you lightly “fix” or hairspray the print so that the ink doesn’t run) or use scrapbooking double-sided tape.
My FAVORITE way to secure the little labels is…
to use 1/2″ transparent scotch tape. If you are careful about the length of tape you use, it will easily secure the little labels without overlapping around the corners of the block.
The transparent tape keeps the labels securely fastened and adds a nice finished look…and a little shine!


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  1. I don’t know, Noreen…you could play it in a different way…give each kid a block or two. You or they read out the category or some of the answers, and then they build the tower up. My almost 3 year old plays with them like blocks…all around the house…but he doesn’t read yet obviously, so the Year of Faith info is lost on him.:)

  2. Hi Monica,

    Do you think it’s a game for older children? I’m wondering if my first graders would become frustrated if it tumbled down. One or two of them may end up in tears.

  3. Great game idea. I’m going to use this with my Confirmation teens also.
    Thanks for the great resources.

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