Scrapbook the Sacraments

Over the next few weeks, I plan to highlight a few ideas to celebrate the First Sacraments, giving them the significance and hoopla that they deserve.  I’m hoping to offer ideas to help integrate the regular reception of the Sacraments into family life… with reverence and enthusiasm!

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Last time, I wrote about Journaling the Sacraments with the Sacrament Journal.
Continuing with our new “Journaling the Sacraments” series, based on the article I wrote for RTJ Creative Catechist (January 2013), here’s how we Scrapbook the Sacraments!

Part TWO: 

Scrapbooking is a great way to capture memories, tracing the journey through childhood and documenting family life with special pictures across the years of events and milestones.

We easily collect school pictures and team photos, but sometimes our best pictures linger on cell phones, cameras and computers and can be lost or forgotten.  Printing the pictures and displaying them creatively help to keep the memories alive.  Albums and scrapbooks become cherished heirlooms, supplementing the framed photos on the wall.

Get your child involved in documenting their holy milestones.

I have a set of 12″ scrapbooks; one for each child and a general scrapbook for our family.
Each child also has their own 8″ scrapbook.  Each summer, I print all of our best photos and let the kids add a couple pages, arranging and organizing the photos as they choose.

A scrapbook can capture reflections about the Sacraments…

Adding reflections can turn the craft of scrapbooking into a more reflective exercise, reinforcing the significance of special events as beacons of light on our journey.  The focus on graces received through our Sacraments, enlightens our path to follow Jesus and strengthens our family culture of Faith.

A Scrapbook can express our prayers from the heart…the Gifts of the Holy Spirit that we receive…or the Fruits of the Holy Spirit that we hope to reflect. Quoting from the Catechism and Scripture, we can honor those who have influenced us, describe what inspires us and express how we’re trying to live out our Faith.

Through Arma Dei, we have developed 3 Journey with Jesus Cathletics Craft Kits, packed with reflection prompts, questions to answer about the Sacraments (based on the Catechism) and Kelly Comics clipart.

The Journey with Jesus Cathletics Craft Kits are formatted to be used with an 8″ store bought scrapbook, but the kits also include instructions to make your own scrapbook or accordion book.

Journey with Jesus through the Sacraments includes templates for the study and/or celebration of all 7 Sacraments

Journey with Jesus through Reconciliation and Holy Communion traces from Baptism to Holy Communion with supportive material to teach and celebrate these early Sacraments.

Journey with Jesus through Confirmation traces from Baptism through to Confirmation and is packed with material on all 4 of these Sacraments, along with many thoughtful reflections.



  1. I have tried to download the Revolving Mysteries of the Rosary. When I put liked or subscribed in the code box I get code expired. Help me

  2. Thanks, Chris! I actually have a craft kit for Confirmation. It’s not currently available by PDF…but the printed version has 29 templates! It has ALOT of information, tracing Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation along with lots supplemental materials. Here’s thle link:

  3. Love this, Monica…
    Do you have any tips such as these for confirmation?
    My sin is being conf, but not til NEXT May of 2014… I have to start a search for ideas but thought I’d ask you.


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