Happy Saints Valentines…for 2013!

This year’s Happy Saints Valentines say“St Valentine loved Jesus…
and so did ALL of the Saints!

I used my craft punch to make a circular window in the front of the cards to view the Saint on the inside.  We wanted to match up the Saints with the kids’ names…but except for St Juan for Juan, St Lawrence for Lauren and St Francis for Frankie, we just don’t have Saints for most of the names of kids these days.  Bridget was happy to give ‘pretty girl saints’ to the girls and boy saints to the boys.Last year’s Happy Saint Valentines  looked like this:

I just love the excuse to sneak in Saints in place of Spongebob, Angry Birds, Barbie or whoever the commercial valentine packages feature.  Every chance I get…I like to remind the kids of these
Superheroes in Holiness!

I’m so thankful for Victor and his awesome Happy Saints!  and it looks like he has some awesome new Happy Saints eBooks available! I have now borrowed his images for many projects including Plink! with the Saints  Happy Saints Tokens, Bingo and my collection of Happy Saints on frozen juice lids grows each week!  More about that soon!


  1. How sweet they are! I love the look of Happy Saints!

  2. SOOO cute, Monica!

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