All for JESUS Lent Challenge

Adam and Frankie’s

I thought a neat way for both of our families and our readers to tackle Lent together would be for a good old fashioned All for Jesus Lent Challenge. Hey Frankie, just so you know, there are PRIZES!

So basically, every week people could choose their best Lent challenge or a special chore they carried out, keeping Jesus’ Sacrifice in mind (so doing the work, without the grumble).  They would visit either your Mom’s blog or my Mom’s blog and enter their weekly challenge after they completed it.  At the end of Lent, you (Frankie) and I could randomly choose a couple entries and those people would win a free download link to their choice of one of my Mom’s Cathletics Craft Kits.

Now, just so all the nice people know…we’re probably going to be a little biased when we pick the winning entries. We want impressive and unique challenges, people!
People can enter by
1.  joining the link-up below OR
2.  they can leave comments below that include the words “All for Jesus Lent Challenge” along with a brief description of the challenge that they conquered and their email address (in case they win!).

My mom will probably add the first one in the link-up, but it might be kind of lame, because we’re just getting started (and she also doesn’t want to win in place of anyone else=)

If you are curious, check out the Catholic Toddler Letters of Frankie and Adam.



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