Kitchen Table Felt Castle

I’ve seen so many cool DIY forts made to fit the kitchen table that I just had to make one for my own kids.  This is a project I actually tackled a couple years ago, but my kids still play with it.  We’ve also been able to breathe new life into it, by adding IKEA felt tools…

                                                                and IKEA felt food!
I made the top panel of the felt fort fit the top of the table.  I made sure that the wall panels matched the corresponding lengths of the top panel.   I sewed the window frames, market awning, garden fence and apple tree on the wall panels, before I sewed all the wall panels together.
The little flowers, apples and tools that I made (before I found the IKEA ones!) were hand sewn, but parts of them probably could have been sewn with the sewing machine.
I found cute little stuffed bunnies at the dollar store at Easter…and they fit in the pocket in the tree!

The fireplace (sewed to the inside wall)
was an after-thought!
I sewed the fire and wood in place
in the fireplace piece and then sewed it
to the inside of the wall.

You’d be surprised how many kids can fit in a Kitchen Table Felt Castle!
These days I only have one kid home during the day…

and he’s the…

What feature would you add to your
Kitchen Table Felt Castle?
A school house panel, a grocery store,
little felt dolls, forest animals?
Leave a comment!


  1. Very cool!

  2. I’ve seen these floating around too, but for a smaller card table. I love yours! The fireplace inside really adds that extra touch I think.

  3. Wow! This is very neat. I’m sure the kids enjoy it!

  4. My little one would love all those little pieces. He showed me an oven that he wants and it has lots of pieces to it. You’re very craft and must have lots of patience. I like DIY projects, but with a 3 year old, that can be challenging!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow!!! That is sooo impressive! My two year old loves the “blanket fort” that daddy makes out of the coffee table, and this takes that to a whole new level! What a really cool idea!

  6. This is just too cute! I now know what my next project is. This will be so much fun!

  7. That is very impressive, Monica. I envy (in a good way, perhaps admire is a better word) people who are capable of executing such a project. Kudos to you!

  8. Very cute. I would probably add critters or a garden.

  9. wow that is a great idea and it looks soo lovely!! I know a girl on fb that specializes in making felt food, it is just amazing the things people can do!

  10. My boys would love to play with this! I’m pinning it… 🙂

  11. What an incredible idea! My kids were always happy with tents that we bought at IKEA that looked like a tent or blankets thrown over chairs! I guess I need to start an idea booklet for when I am a grandma (which lets hope will be awhile down the road!).

  12. My kids love to make forts under the kitchen table, they get all my blankets out. I like your options, I will have to show it to them.

  13. Aw! i love this idea! Super cute. 🙂

    I wish I had thought of this when my children were younger. They would’ve loved it.

  14. I think this looks mighty neat to me! My kids would have a field day with this one. You actually could make these and sell them on your site. I bet they would go like hotcakes if you priced them right!!

  15. How adorable! My mom teaches preschool and I think the kids would love it!! If I added something, it would be a schoolhouse 🙂

  16. I would def do the grocery store area idea. For some reason kids love playing with food and dishes. I have no idea why! Your project is sooo cool my kids would love this. Too bad we have a small round table 🙁 boo!

  17. My 3 year old daughter would love this! I would get one with a school house panel, and little felt dolls. If you ever consider selling these, please let me know =)

  18. What a marvelous idea, and yours turned out beautifully. My little grandchildren would love it. Thank you for sharing this. I’m now off to look for felt…..

  19. Loved this idea! and loved your blog. This castle looks like something my toddler would enjoy! 😀

  20. ok, now I’m just bummed that the super cool IKEA felt tools and food are not available on their website and the closest store to me is 5 hours away. boooooo

  21. That is really neat! We have been talking about putting our old kitchen table up in our basement playroom since two of the girls are getting a little big for our tiny table. I could see making something like this for our littlest one. What a great idea!

  22. Very COOL! Do you what to make one for my kids!?!? 😉 Really, you did a great job, you even have a fireplace on the inside! Love it!

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