Hey Frankie! Meet Boppa!

another letter from 
Adam to Frankie in the Catholic Toddler Letters

Hi Frankie,

Well, I’m not sure if you remember in my last letter how I asked

“Hey Frankie, what’s the deal with the other people (without little kids) insisting on sitting at the end of the pew so that it’s really hard for parents to leave the pew with a screaming kid?”

Well, one thing I failed to mention was that my Grandpa is one of those people! 
He actually looks a little like St Nicholas….kids have even asked him if he’s Santa!
He goes to Church a lot, always arrives early and always sits at the end of the 6th row, on the right side of the Church. He doesn’t like to give up his seat at the end of the pew, although I have noticed that we’ve been breaking him in a little…he doesn’t even grumble as he skootches down the pew to let our family sit with him.


Something I didn’t know about Grandpa is…he’s actually following our correspondence pretty closely and had a little something to say about why he likes to sit at the end of the pew.
Boppa, meet Frankie;  Frankie, meet Boppa.
Boppa says “Well, basically I don’t  like crowds, especially sitting in the middle of them and feeling blocked in. I arrive to Mass early and can get my choice of pew and I don’t really want to give it up to latecomers! I can sit closer to the windows instead of absorbing everyone’s body heat and I can leave the pew easily after Mass, even if the choir sings 14 verses of the recessional hymn.”
(slight exaggeration, Boppa?)
It’s OK, I get a little restless too.  I guess we’d better get this sorted out though,
because we’ll probably be going to Church even more during Lent! 

What kind of things does your family do during Lent, Frankie? 

I’m not sure what I’m going to be up to this Lent, but I think it might be this Crown of Thorns

or this Stations of the Cross Carousel

or the Passion Peg People

(hmmm…my favorite!)

or the Stepping Stones through Jesus’ Life!
I’ll keep you posted!  love, Adam



  1. Hi Adam, Boppa actually has a pretty good point. He’s reaping the benefits of coming to church early and enjoying his own space. Its good to know that he feels comfortable every time he goes to church. Anyway, these ideas are amazing. I also like the “Passion Peg People.” That would be an amazing thing to do with the family this Lenten season. 🙂

  2. Hi there!
    Found you in the CBN award post for Jan 2013 and decided to follow you here tog et email updates…too easy to miss new posts on FB!
    Your blog is lovely.

    Have a wonderful day

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