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I love the Happy Saints!  Victor graciously allows printing of his awesome Happy Saints and I have made four different projects with them.  My most recent Happy Saints project has been one I have wanted to tackle for a while…with LIDS from frozen-juice-from-concentrate containers.
I’m assuming that these containers are available in the US…
With our five kids, we open up about 2 of these containers a day!
Hence, the vast collection! …You’ll see!
I had templates (that I made of Victor’s Happy Saints) printed at Staples, with larger images for the “calling-out” disks and 4-to-a-page bingo card templates with a different selection of saints on each layout. The colors are nice and bright and the images are crisp.
Sorry…I can’t give you my templates…please go check out the Happy Saints website for yourself!
I used a 2 1/2″ hole punch to get the right-sized circle for the frozen juice lids. I used rubber cement to glue the printed circles to the lids, using the side of the lid that has a lip. These little Happy Saints won’t be removed too easily from the lids!  They stack nicely and are fun to play with…all by themselves!
I bought a little package of decorative pebbles at the dollar store for counters, but you could use pennies, holy medals or tiddlywinks!  My bingo cards are a touch too small to use my Happy Saints Tokens, but they would be fun to use (and match) as well in any Saint Bingo game…like the 30-card Saint Bingo set at Shower of Roses! They may not have exactly the same selection of saints, but it would be fun to compare the images!
                      Happy BINGO with the Happy Saints!

How about HAPPY SAINT Valentine’s this year?
These are adorable…and I think can refocus this fun day, learning from and admiring the Saints!
Maybe just one little card will entice a child to learn more about the Communion of Saints!
…better than Angry Birds, don’t you think?

I made these little Happy Saint Tokens with a 1-1/2″ hole punch, 3 pages of full 8-1/2″x11″ labels and a box of poker chips.
These could be used as a matching (memory) game, Bingo counters, or rewards/chore charts or calendar markers (with magnets or velcro).  I actually made them to use with our DIY Plinko game.
See the link to the tutorial below!

They are also just fun to play with, all by themselves…especially if you are 6 or 2 years old!

This is our DIY Plink! Game, made with a picture frame (with a plastic pane), double-sided suction cups and a FREE printable that you will find in the tutorial.
Although you can make your own Happy Saint Tokens to use with the game, there is a FREE printable included, with 30 little Saint profiles instead of Victor’s Happy Saints images.  They make for a great trivia game, with all of the info included and answers readily available for checking!  They are also formatted for the 1-1/2″ poker chips.
see Bingo Tutorial above!
Hey, did you see our Year of Faith TUMBLE TOWER?!? 
It’s not too late to pick up your FREE printable!
Another CLASSIC…converted to Catholic!


  1. help! I was trying to get your plink game tutorial but it is saying page not found. Any help would be great.


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