Classic Games: Converted 2 Catholic!

One of my favorite ways to integrate our Catholic Faith into regular family life is to find activities and games that our kids like to do anyway…and infuse Catholic Catechism and Saints into them.
So far, we have showcased the Saints in Guess Who?, used Catechism facts to add meaning to coveted card combinations in Holy Rummoli! and used our Painted Saints as player pieces in Checkers, Snakes and Ladders and Trouble.  Our latest awesome favorite game…converted to Catholic with  Saints… is Plunk! With the Saints!
We have made Cathletics Craft Kits for the Arma Dei Shoppe like the Catechism Catcher and Lingo Bingo to sneak Catechism into Crafts and  Journey with Jesus to offer a springboard to scrapbook and journal through the Sacraments!

A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families offers many classic traditions and crafts, but we also included secular craft and activity ideas and infused them with our awesome Catholic Faith, offering a fun way to get the kids soaking up our Catholic Faith, often without even realizing it!


  1. Hi! I saw a your Plinko Saints game on Pinterest and when I followed the link it took me to your current posts. I searched the site with no luck. Can you send me the link to the plinko game? Congratulations for finding your true calling! FANTASTIC stuff!!
    thank you, Dawn

    • Sorry for the confusion! The whole post about the Plinko game is here:
      I decided to change it to Plunk! with the Saints, because I was worried about getting in trouble with the creators of Plinko after the people of Jenga came after me with angry emails!
      If you would like to purchase the template…it is now a part of a 2for1 craft kit deal…just look for the Add to Cart button near the end of this same post. You’ll see the “Tower Tumble” is also included in the kit…and it has been a very popular game to convert to be Catholic, especially for the Year of Faith. =)

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