Dragon Slayers with FREE Progress Report

I just love this book!  Dragon Slayers is an imaginative and inspiring book to help train 8-12 year olds in the virtuous task of Dragon Slaying! Sir Wyvern Pugilist instructs with humor and diligence how to identify sins and vices in the form of dragons, learn tactics to withstand their attacks through Scripture and the proper use of the Armor of God.  He also introduces our ultimate mentors:  the Dragon Slayers of Old (the Saints) and the Chief Dragon Slayer Himself (Jesus). It is such a creative book, complete with an enrollment certificate, profiles of successful Dragon Slayers and the dragons and helpful advice and encouragement along the way.
This book will captivate your 8-12 year old, and you might just find yourself reading eagerly along with them!
This is an awesome gift for your child, niece, nephew or Godchild!  It’s a thoughtful book that will teach them about the sins and vices we can all fall into, as well as the virtues we are all working on, in a format that is enticing, imaginative and humorous, and anything BUT a boring lecture.

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