Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Do you like my St Juan Wooden Painted Saint?
Printing and gluing the little Our Lady of Guadalupe
image gave me a big boost,
as I painted St Juan, trying to make him easily identifiable.
I think I will be using other clipart to help articulate these little
2″ Wooden Painted Saints!

Check out these crafts for Our Lady of Guadalupe!
Paper dolls at Paper Dali
These are my favorite handmade Tilmas,
carefully crafted as St Juan costumes,
but I think they would be excellent decorations and fun crafts to do! 
The images are all a little different from each other…
and they are all SO CUTE!
St Juan Costume at Sometimes Martha, Always Mary
If you would like to read an awesome story about St Juan
and Our Lady of Guadalupe,
check out these links:
and Our Lady of Guadalupe Coloring Book at Holy Heroes

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