NEW! Advent and Lent Quest… for the Year of Faith and MORE!

Are you ready for Advent?
We have expanded our popular Advent & Lent Quest Cathletics Craft Kit
…actually we have expanded it 3x!
There are now THREE different themed paper chain links included in ONE kit!
Season with the Saints includes 48 + a do-it-yourself template for you to add any of your family patron saints if we didn’t already include them! Each link is packed with information about the saint…years of life, patronage, feast day, vocation highlights and a special quote or prayer.
Saints include St Therese, St Pio, St Anthony, St Jude, Bl John Paul, St Nicholas, St Benedict, St Peter + 40 more!

Imagine if your family learned specific details about a new saint every day this Advent!

Year of Faith includes 48 + a do-it-yourself template for extra Catechism. Catechism facts include 7 Virtues, 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit, 7 Sacraments, 4 Marks of the Church….and less commonly remembered…4 Fruits of Holy Communion, 4 Characteristics of the Church, 3 Graces of Marriage, 9 Mysteries of Faith  + 40 more!  These links include the Catechism or Bible reference wherever possible for more information! Imagine if your family learned a new Catechism teaching…every day this Advent! The activity is easily geared to various age groups…choosing as much or as little to read or memorize each day.
Advent & Lent Quest Challenges are reformatted from our classic Advent & Lent Quest Cathletics Craft Kit, covering a range of prayer, Saint-centric, Bible and Catechism challenges for the whole family. 40 challenges are included + a do-it-yourself template to add your own.  Challenges include:
“List at least 3 things that God has arranged in your life…what blessings are you most grateful for?”
“Read the Gospel and/or the readings for the next Sunday’s Mass. 
How can this reading help to refocus our Advent or Lenten Journey?”
“How many times throughout this day can we make the sign of the cross with EXTRA reverence…remembering that we offer to God our mind, our will, and our entire body?”

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3 in 1 includes Season with the Saints, Year of Faith
and Advent & Lent Classic

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  1. I did this with the youth group I lead a few days ago for the students to use during Lent. We made it during youth ministry time and it took a little under 30 minutes to cut and staple or tape together.
    I really like that it does catechesis/learning along with challenging them to do something that day. It’s really solid Catholic catechesis.
    The Church’s youth group I lead is a mixture of grades 7 through 10 so it worked well for a large age range of kids (it’s always a challenge engaging such a broad age range at once and this worked). This would be a great idea for families to do together as well.
    I’m a big fan of equipping Catholic families after using this!

  2. I am looking for preschool Lenten activites. I did not see a search bar on your website. Do you have any?


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