St Therese’s Good Deed Beads

Happy St Thérèse Feast Day!

St Thérèse is such a beloved saint for her child-like Faith and for doing small things with great love.
She was known to carry a string of beads to keep track of her continuous prayers, sacrifices and good deeds.  We have been making these little Good Deed Beads for years through Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families.  We currently have them available by special order only* Sometimes we need a little extra time to fill orders…we’ve even been known to enlist some of our kids to help us compile the kits!        *email for special order
The neat thing about these strings of beads is that the beads slide and stay in place.  You will find an excellent tutorial at Little Ways to make the Good Deed Beads or Sacrifice Beads.


 Our original kits offered the supplies to create one string of Good Deed Beads on a keychain, and eventually we found little plastic crosses to make additional colorful sets.

But Good Deed Beads aren’t just for children!  We wanted to create bracelets that were cool enough for teens and adults to wear.  These Good Deed Devotion Bead Bracelets have been great for our little Lightweigh group as our members enjoy the practice of keeping track of sacrifices and prayers easily. No need to remember to put the string of beads in your pocket if you are already wearing them!

These bracelets are made with the same pony beads on a suede cord.  The beads slide and stay in place and the nice color combinations (and the suede cord) add to the sophistication of the bracelet. 
We have had people of all ages wearing these bracelets…including men!

We even posted a little Good Deed Devotion Bead Bracelet tutorial on how to make these suede cord bracelets.  You can tailor them to your favorite colors and choose which patron saint medal you would like to include…to inspire you!

St Thérèse was one of the first Wooden Painted Saints that we made because she is such an important saint in our family!
Check out our Wooden Painted Saints!  and how we play board games with St Thérèse!

Watch for our new saints for October…besides Bl. John Paul II and St Thérèse!

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  1. I linked up to your post on my St. Therese post here Monica!

  2. This post reminded me to remind my kiddos to get their beads out. I pray that they are using them 😉

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