Review: Sense of the Sacred Coloring Book and Prayer Companion and Giveaway!

Sense of the Sacred coloring book and companion is an exquisite collection of drawings  based on the statues and stained glass found in Catholic Churches, accompanied by Scriptural references to further articulate their significance.
A Coloring Guide and Prayer Primer is also available with the same beautiful drawings in color, along with classic prayers from our Rich Tradition. Not only does the Sense of the Sacred Companion suggest a wonderful palette for coloring the pages of the coloring book, but the paperback, travel-friendly book offers a treasury of prayers to pass on to children, fostering reverence and awe for our Catholic Faith.

Sneaky mom blogger…I really wanted to post this review today to get the word out about the Awesome Catholic Coloring Book Giveaway, so I managed to get the kids coloring before they went off to school this morning. I admit…I didn’t really expect alot of coloring to happen, given the usually rushed routine of the morning: I was just in it for the pictures!

My 6 year old (who incidentally was campaigning to stay home from school today!) got really excited about coloring and completed a whole page and ate her breakfast and had time to spare before they dashed off to the bus.  She even read some prayers from the Companion Coloring Guide/Prayer book.


On her own, she even checked the colored page in the Companion to help choose the colors to use for her coloring page. 
I think it looks great!
It made for a really calm morning…which was really nice as I’ve been scrambling to manage 5 kids and their homework and studying, school newsletters and forms (wow, there are alot of them!) chauffering from extra-curricular activities, house management, meals and meltdowns (some of them, mine)…alone* while my husband has been away all week.
We all miss him!
(*incidentally, I have an awesome Mom and some awesome friends (Grace, Marg, Eric, Jane, Jasmin, Teresa…) who have helped me…even making a couple meals, car-pooling, holding the fort when I have to be in two places at once, playing with Adam…and listening to me melinger)

Dominic de Souza, the author and illustrator of this book set is also involved in other exciting projects including customized coloring books of the statues and stained glass at your Parish, available as a fundraiser for your community.
Visit Color My Parish for more information.


A new coloring book  Treasures of Transcendence will be available soon.
Take a look!
Check out the

Awesome Catholic Coloring Book Giveaway! 
You could win your own copies of
Sense of the Sacred AND
Treasures of Transcendence!

I received a free Sense of the Sacred Coloring Book and Coloring Guide in exchange for my honest review of this product from Dominic de Souza, the author, illustrator and graphic designer. for more info!


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