Review: Aquinas and More Prayer Card Binder

I was pleased to receive this Prayer Card Binder from Aquinas and More, along with a starter set of 6 good quality plastic inserts after my post about Cataloguing the Family Collection of Holy Cards. Incidentally, the binder also includes an index of over 300 favorite holy cards available and references Aquinas and More Holy Cards for hundreds more. 

I have a good collection of holy cards and I refer to them frequently for Saint-centric crafts I showcase on Equipping Catholic Families:

I Spy…the Saints

Wooden Painted Saints
Guess Who?! the Saints! and

I appreciate the format of the 8″x10″ binder with the plastic sleeves holding 2×2 regular-sized trading or collector cards.  They easily fit the range of holy cards that I have.

I have created my own Monthly dividers, using the DIY scanner collages I have been creating each month. I have completed the four monthly dividers so far: July to October Saint Pages. They are available as a free printable, specially sized with hole-punching guides for this 8″x10″ binder.

FREE July to October Saint Pages:

Add to Cart

*If you have other purposes for printing these…please email me and tell me about your idea! With your permission, I’d love to include a photo of your craft on Equipping Catholic Families.
I love to see the innovative ways people use our printables and Arma Dei products!
(I can also make these available for 8.5″x11″ pages if there is interest in them.)

It helps for me to have this binder, with my own customized dividers to help me organize the saints  monthly, by their feast dates, although they could just as easily be sorted alphabetically.

At $15.95 for the binder and $8.50 for refills (6 plastic pocket page inserts), the system could get a little expensive for a vast collection, but the quality of the pages and binder are easily apparent.
The cover is nice, but true to my nature, I need to customize the cover with my own collage of saints with my duplicate holy cards. I suspect that I will need to order quite a few refill sets of plastic pages to fully organize my collection, but it will make searching for images and saint prayers as easy as google and convenient to flip through alongside my saint crafts! The wipeable binder and the plastic sleeves will be good protection if there is some paint involved in the craft!
Please visit Aquinas and More for more information about the Prayer Card Binder system and a wonderful collection of holy cards.

I received a free Prayer Card Binder with 6 plastic inserts in exchange for my honest review of this product from Aquinas and More.



  1. This post can’t come at a better time. I have been dedicating the past 3 years to building a Saints Scrapbook that the children in my home can refer too!

    I will be posting on my blog next week. I will be keeping your blog post in mind for my page inserts in my DIY Saints Binder! 😉 God bless you!

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