Cool 2B Catholic Crayon Batik

Ever since I reviewed Suzy’s Crayon Batik and Faux Stained Glass Tutorial, I have wanted to try my hand at Crayon Batik!  I bought a couple cheap t-shirts while my kids sorted through our old crayons, peeling the wrappers and placing them by color in an old muffin tin.

We melted the crayons in the oven. That’s a strong smell…you will want to open the windows and put on the fan. The muffin tin is also very hot…remind the kids to keep hands away from the metal and the hot wax!
We quickly learned that painting with wax takes some patience!  Every few minutes, the wax cools down and gets lumpy and becomes very difficult to paint with.  We would then put the muffin tin back in the oven to re-melt the wax.  We also cleaned the brushes in boiling water to melt the hardened wax.

When we were finished painting with the wax, we liked how vibrant the colors were!  The t-shirt at this stage was pretty clumpy with the hardened wax all over it.
Ironing eliminates the hard clumps of wax, but also softens and mutes the colors a little bit.  We noticed that the painting now had a more airbrushed effect with softer, kind of fuzzy outlines.

We decided to add puffy paint to outline our letters for a more finished effect.
Do you like the airbrushed or outlined look best?

This is my first attempt at a picture tutorial for pinterest!  Please pin!


  1. Hey…this is nice and amazing! But my batik using the differ method!

  2. love this!!

  3. I think I like the outlined best. Both are amazing. Thanks for adding to my Our Favorite Things link party.
    Have a blessed week.

  4. Good for you! This took a lot of work. I like the first yellow T and the outlined T.

    I love the Pinterest tutorial, too. I’m off to log in to Pinterest. This would make a great Pin for Catholic Pinterest, too!

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