Cataloguing the Family Holy Card Collection

Over the years, we have collected a good supply of holy cards.  These are beautiful little cards of various saints, often with a little prayer or devotion on the back.  Others, given out at a funeral Mass, remind us of a loved one who passed away, as their information is on the other side of the card.  It’s a shame to hide these away in a box, even though I am referring to them quite often, looking for images of the saints for crafts on my blog like:  

I Spy…the Saints collages,
painted wooden saints
Saints games
and Saint crafts
featuring these awesome holy heroes.

For my purposes, I have found it helpful to organize the holy cards by monthly feast days. I used a photo box…and for the first time ever used the little divider pages included! As my collection isn’t SO vast, I have found enough room in the box to include one of my copies of the Lives of the Saints, for easy reference.

I found this rolodex on pinterest…   
I think it would lend itself perfectly to a Holy Card collection, either organizing the saints alphabetically or by monthly feastday.

I actually forgot about these collector card albums I had found at a dollar store and filled with holy cards…years ago.  These are fun to look at and compare all the different images of each saint.

When the kids were very young, I used a little photo album to show different holy cards and favorite prayers. This was a convenient little book to take to Church and let the kids compare the images to statues and stained glass images in the Church.

How about a Family Album of Saints?…I’m always looking for ways to further integrate the saints into our daily lives and to help to instill the fact that these can be loved mentors for us as we pray for their intercession and learn by their example. 
Yet another converted 2 Catholic activity or tradition:
the Family Photo Album of Saints
More details…and a couple more ideas to help you make yours…coming soon!

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  1. do you buy prayer cards? if not do you know someone?

  2. When I was a little kid, there was this wonderful little nun, St. Thomas, who sold religious articles in the vestibule after Mass on Sundays. It was my favorite part of the week to buy something from her. I ended up with such a large collection of holy cards and ended up buying a little photo album, meant for 3 x 5 pictures, and placed 2 cards on each page. I still have that book and my kids love pouring over it now.

  3. I love your organizing ideas. Now I wish I still had my old Rolodex!

  4. Mine are currently in a box I made and sitting on my prayer table.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas on my Our Favorite Things Link Party.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing in a comment at Training Happy hearts. I went ahead and put your ideas up at the linky at as I know all about how computer issues can make doing so difficult. I have had a ton of computer problems this year! Your posts and ideas are fantastic. THANK YOU!!!!

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