Faux Stained Glass and Crayon Batik

I just love Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom. It’s an awesome site! Suzy has a great writing style and my kind of sense of humor and she posts wonderful crafts with awesome photographs that inspire me.
Suzy has just released her first E-Book:
Suzy’s Majestic Peacock EBook Pattern. Here’s what Suzy has to say about it!
The Faux Stained Glass Peacock tutorial has been published for nearly a year now and is one of my most popular posts. The peacock is also my most requested pattern. This pattern book not only contains the pattern for the Majestic Peacock, but instructions for two complete projects using that pattern and ideas for seven other projects!
Honored to be asked and happy to review her first in a series of pattern ebooks, I received my very own pdf of the Ebook Pattern.
I love the awesome pictures and the straight forward instructions. She uses techniques that look really fun to do, with or without the kids and as seen in the pictures…they yield awesome, professional results! Both the Faux Stained Glass and the Quilted Table Runner projects are well explained and come with an excellent peacock pattern to try out awesome craft techniques including painted stained glass, batik with crayons, quilting, applique, fabric jewels and ideas for even more!
I can’t wait to try these techniques…particularly the faux stained glass and the crayon batique…but I may come up with a few new patterns, tailored to Equipping Catholic Families. This Ebook is well worth the cost…even if just for the step-by-step instructions of the techniques! I think these craft techniques will lend themselves perfectly to some patterns I’m working on …with the Saints (but then again…that peacock will look nice at my house too!)
Hey, I am now part of Suzy’s Affiliate program. Thanks for purchasing Suzy’s new EBook through this link: Click here to visit Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom.
(introductory price is $7.00 until August 3, when it will go to it’s regular price of $10.00)
I received my very own pdf of Suzy’s Majestic Peacock EBook Pattern as compensation for my honest review.


  1. I have one child who is constantly asking me to help him craft something new. I’m really interested in learning more about this. Thanks for posting!

  2. Thank you so much for the awesome review!!


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