Converted 2 Catholic: Checkers!

So excited to convert 2 CatholicCHECKERS!  With my newly painted wooden peg dolls, the kids can customize their team of family members and favorite patron saints!

Two options for play!
Mixed teams of family members and saints
(Begin the draft process at the start of the game,
taking turns to select family members and saints for each team)
Family VS Saints
(players can flip a coin to determine which team they will captain)
I just love the idea of working (and playing) alongside our favorite saints, fostering our intercession and love for these holy heroes and
including them as members of our families!
In keeping with “King me” rules of checkers where a player receives the ability to travel backwards or forwards once they reach the final squares at the opponents end, little gold halos can be fashioned out of pipe cleaners and placed on the head of the peg dolls who achieve this status, marking their new abilities.
Checkers, anyone?!?
Here’s how I painted my wooden peg people into family members and saints!
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  1. What a fantastic idea.. Love the halo. Thanks for linking with us at NOBH.. Every blessing, Kelly

  2. This is a great idea. When I first saw the post I wondered how you were going to figure out the king me part of the game. The idea of the halo is perfect.

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