The New Catechism Catcher

You can purchase the Catechism Catcher at the Arma Dei Shoppe!  This is a paper craft kit, with permission to photocopy for your household or classroom and it has GROWN!
It now includes TEN different templates, offering a quizzing tool for 10 different collections of catechism and Bible categories.
Here’s a sneak peak at one of the new Cathletics Catcher templates, just to give you an idea of what the templates look like.  Sorry! I’m not publishing pictures of the other designs…I’m keeping them as a surprise!  Trust me…I think you’ll like the innovative designs of many of the 10 templates…like the Mysteries of the Rosary (fitting in all 20, with a proper quizzing format, descriptions and virtues!) and special graphics related to each category.
These were fun to design and will be even more fun to use!


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