Review by Happy Little Homemaker of Sacraments Craft Kit

I’m so excited to receive my second review of the Journey with Jesus through the Sacraments Craft Kit, by Happy Little Homemaker

Here are a couple excerpts from Jen’s Review:

Journey With Jesus Through the Sacraments is a printable craft kit that runs some 30 pages and is in black and white so that it can be colored by the kids and not eat all your ink! 

As I mentioned above, I put ours together like a scrapbook.  I was hoping that my younger, who is known as the home-wrecker, wouldn’t be able to destroy it in the plastic page protectors.

(I think I have written this exact same sentence on my own blog!
I also love the way Jen has used an 8.5″x11″ scrapbook, to easily fit all the extra clipart
~Monica at

We have read and discussed the pages in the car on the way to the “far away church” and they have loved flipping through it.

(I love how Jen uses it on the way to Church:  good prep for Mass.  I think I need to try this, except that the Church is only 3 minutes away. =)
~Monica at

 It’s been a great source of information to me as well, since I feel like I’m learning for the first time, too! …The graphics are great quality and not cheesy!

 (That’s awesome!  I’m so glad you like it!
~Monica at

Read the whole  
Review of Journey with Jesus through the Sacraments at Happy Little Homemaker. 

Read the whole
Review of Journey with Jesus through the Sacraments at Simple Catholic Living.

The first two reviews I have received after my recent  Catholic Blogger Reviewer Quest just happened to both focus on the same kit!  There are more reviews to come:  there are EIGHT Cathletics Craft Kits currently being reviewed…and I have just released TWO new Cathletics Craft Kits via PDF.  Check them out: Catechism Cube and Catechism Catcher!

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  1. I’ll go check it out! I have ours printed and ready to go. It will be interesting to see her take on it.

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