Family Traditions: our newest Homemade Gift

Family Traditions:  
our kind of homemade gifts for our favorite people.

Over the years, we have made some pretty cool, customized gifts for family and close friends.

We’ve made family presents like a our-family-centric
Customized Perpetual Calendar (you can too!)
or customized board game (find templates for your customized Guess Who game here!)
…and made one for each of our sibling’s families and our parents.

We’ve made family movies, sprinkled with obscure National Geographic pictures as well as our own family photos, with a script that only my husband (and a couple of our kids) could come up with.

We’ve also made photo books, illustrated with family photos and kids’ drawings and telling a crazy story that we build together, tying in special family memories and jokes.

Here’s a quick peek at some of our homemade gifts so far!

In honor of our dear cousin Marg on her special birthday, we have just created a special story book and it’s on video.  We have incorporated awesome paintings of Marg’s, choosing from our collection of calendars that she sends us each year.  (Yes, Marg makes her own customized calendars every year with one of her beautiful paintings for each month!)  Check out Margaret Mohan Art!

So here is our newest movie
The Case of the Missing Nut and Non-Nut Double Cocao Fudgy Chocolate Brownies Recipe.  It’s got a lot of our own family humor, but I think you’ll like it anyway it’s pretty good and you will enjoy Marg’s paintings, Kelly Comics and some of our goofy family photos.

Check out Kelly’s Whiteboard Animation here.
This is a really fun summer project: your kids will love it!


  1. What wonderful ideas! I will be checking this out further – particularly the storybook ideas! Thank you for sharing on NOBH!

  2. Thank you for linking to Our Favorite Things Link party and for sending out the Tweet. Your family is so creative. I love the video.

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