DIY I Spy: with a Scanner!

My brother took my kids with their favorite treasures and toys to a print shop (years ago!) and made this photo-collage with a photocopy machine. They made 11″x17″ photo-collages and they are so cool to look at…capturing the interests of the kids at the time.

This technique of making photo-collages is really fun! They collected and arranged different colorful items and place them carefully on the glass of a photocopy machine. (Don’t scratch the glass!)
They covered all the items with a thick blanket or towel to block the light, because the scanner cover will not close on top of the 3D items.
They printed on 11″x17″ paper and had them laminated!

Voilà! A cool I Spy picture!

Great idea for custom placemats!

I have been making some Catholic I Spy photo-collages with my home printer/scanner, inspired by Crafolic’s Catholic I Spy.
Watch for an upcoming Catholic I Spy Link-Up party to share your own!

The one thing I have noticed with my scanner is that some of the 3D items get a little fuzzy.  I think it must have something to do with depth of field, as the scanner is used to copying images on flat paper, right?

I have a couple different themed photo-collages that I will be posting…
I think that these will lend themselves perfectly to:

placemats (laminated 11’x17″ color copies) How cool would that be…to have custom “My favorite things” or “My favorite Saints” placemats for each person at the dinner table?

postcards (printed as 4″x6″ photos at Walmart)

Quiet Bag Church book (small photo album)
(We are currently sold out of The Cathletics Club Quiet Bag at the Arma Dei Shoppe,  but please leave a comment if you are interested in more info!)

Car book (8.5″x11″ prints in plastic sleeves in a binder)

Scrapbooking (printed on photo paper, capturing interests of each child each year) or Scrapbooking the Sacraments

Wall Calendar (month by month!)  Be sure that you are subscribed to to receive our monthly I Spy…Months!
The first one will be released on July 1st!


  1. This is such a GREAT idea!!

  2. Hi! I found you through Cami over at A Woman’s Place. These are gorgeous! I have all of the I Spy books and love them. I think my daughter would especially enjoy this project.

  3. I love this idea and am linking to it in my own blog. I hope that this is Ok. I was wondering how you managed to get a perfect picture now I know to use a blanket thank you.

  4. I absolutely love, love, love the photo collage. What a great idea!

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