no more video games for Sacrament gifts

This is the time of year when parents and Godparents might scramble to get that Sacrament gift for their child or Godchild receiving their First Holy Communion or Confirmation.  Rosaries, bibles and prayerbooks are always appropriate, but sometimes fearing duplicates, we resort to cash…or a video game.

How about a special Catholic “All about Me” book …
celebrating the child’s journey through the Sacraments…
their Catholic Journey of Faith?

Hand in hand with Jesus is a hardcover, Faith Journal with tons of reflection questions for the child to record what they’ve learned about the Sacraments, what they have experienced as they receive the Sacraments, along with reflections about their family, their growing prayerlife, and their personal relationship with Jesus.

This is the ultimate Baby Book for a new baby or Baptism present…and by the time of First Communion age, the child can begin to fill in the details on their own. 
By Confirmation age, the teen can fill out most of the questions…as they mature in their Faith and embark in young adulthood, hopefully taking ownership of their Catholic Faith. 
What a great keepsake of their Sacramental Journey,
their Catholic Journey of Faith!
Much better than a video game, I think.

Order SOON! 
We ship from Canada and it gets expensive if we have to rush it to you!

**Just an idea**
If First Communion is happening this weekend,
I can send you a special PDF gift card to print,
customized for the child.
If you send me the child’s mailing address and full name,
they can receive their very own Catholic Faith Journal in the mail in the next week.
A Faith-filled Catholic Gift AND a package in the mail.
Their special day continues…
Check out the Arma Dei Shoppe for the
Hand in hand with Jesus (Faith Journal)
(now available by PDF download!)


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  2. What a marvelous idea! I’ll be heading over to place an order, since we have a First Communion coming up.

    Thanks for visiting Saints and Scripture Sunday!

  3. What a great idea! You are right – MUCH better than a video game!

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