Custom 3D felt Car Mat

Sometimes I just have to make something…with my hands …and Adam’s 2nd birthday this last week offered the perfect opportunity.  With left over felt from the Felt Castle Fort I made last year for Bridget, I just started cutting felt, beginning with an 8 track.  I knew I wanted houses, garages (pockets) to hold the little cars and a few things to make it different from anything I have seen.
I found a link for Homemade Car Mats and I liked some of the ideas I found.  I still plan to put a drawstring in the seam so that it can close and carry the cars.  A circular mat would lend itself better to the drawstring closure, but I think that this will work too.

It seemed oddly natural to create houses that were also garages for the cars…then I remembered the “Ratfink” game my Mom made about 40 years ago!  It’s played like “Trouble”, but hand-sewn and completed with a collection of vintage toy cars. 
My Mom also had a need to make things!

I made the houses, the church and the farm, all with pockets to host the little cars.

11 year old Joseph decided we needed a ramp at the end of one of the roads.  It was fun to make the 3D ramp, sewing a pocket for a piece of plastic (from a take-out container) and adding the stuffing. I decided to add some 3D grass to hide any sewing mishaps.

Here’s the best part…watching the kids play with it!  I hope that it becomes another family heirloom and that it’s still played with… in 40 years!


  1. I want to see more 3d felt car floor mat because my son wants to create one. I like Joseph’s design because of the 3d ramp that he made.

  2. sooooo awesome!! you have inspired me!!

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