HAPPY SAINT valentines

When Victor from Happy Saints graciously gave me permission to use his awesome saint pictures in a craft, I was so excited!  I just love this company and their adorable saint pictures!
Immediately, I wanted to make a cuter version of my Dream Team of Saints with frozen juice lids.  These would make an awesome matching game to help my 5 year old learn more about the saints…(she has already started playing with them!) …and the circle format is perfect with my 2.5″ hole punch!
With Valentine’s Day coming up,
I thought what better way of  
converting 2 Catholic Valentine Cards!
I formatted the pictures and printed them myself and used a 2.5″ hole punch to cut out the circular images.
I printed “HAPPY SAINTS Valentine Day!” on red paper and we’re thinking about embellishing the little cards with hearts made with my little heart hole punch.
Instead of Happy St. Valentine…how about HAPPY SAINTS Valentine Day!  These are WAY cooler and Catholic than Barbie or Buzz Lightyear!  My daughter can give these away…and I know that the kids will love them!  Maybe just one little card will entice a child to learn more about the Communion of Saints!
Happy Saints has a wonderful collection of these adorable saints, identifying each saint in the illustration and offering a favorite quote.  Check out their awesome printables available…both e-books and greeting cards that will make you HAPPY!  Thank-you to Victor for letting me use these adorable pictures!  How about “liking” the Happy Saints Facebook page…or subscribing to Happy Saints?  You’ll be among the first to know when new Saint pictures are released!
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  1. Awesome Monica and yes very cute! I’ll have to keep these in mind for next year! Thanks for sharing on NOBH! God bless! 🙂

  2. Hi Monica,

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award here: http://www.rosarymom.blogspot.com/2012/02/liebster-award.html

    You may have already received one but I thought of you when I had to pick my top 5!

  3. So adorable! I think we will just have to add this to our day’s celebration!

  4. Very neat idea for Valentine cards. Thanks for sharing and linking up to the NOBH!

  5. I love his saint pictures too! I did use them awhile back for All Saints Day and put the pictures in flowers. It was a Garden of Saints that I used for my first graders. They loved it. It was not my idea, I believe I got it from Jessica at Shower of Roses.

    I may have to try your idea too! Thanks Monica.

  6. This are so cute. I love the memory game idea for learning the Saints.


  7. This is soo awesome Monica!! I will share it in Familia Catolica!!!

  8. I’ve seen victor’s zazzle.com site with these absolutely darling saints, and it’s been on my wish list for a long time to buy some tshirts etc featuring his saints. and I love the little quotes he has for each saint. He’s so creative. and you’ve done wonderful things with his saints !

  9. Thanks for sharing this idea Monica. I love Happy Saints and yes, he is super nice! He had a great digital picture of children’s adoration and he let me use it for our local homeschool group! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, finally a Valentine’s craft I actually love! 😉

  10. These are very cute!! Thanks Monica!

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