Daytimer Prayer

This Lent I have promised myself to pray more often, more deliberately, more consistently and more thoughtfully.  I know that I have tried many approaches to prayer throughout my life with varied diligence and consistency!  As I look back, there where times when my prayerlife was stronger…but I didn’t necessarily know it at the time!  I know that I have felt happier and more peaceful when I’m praying each day…and preferably using a prayer journal to write my prayer, reflect on Scripture, ask the Lord questions and try to listen to what He is telling me.  
I have filled up quite a few prayer journals…but there are some times when I have strayed and fought to get back on track…and I think that this is one of those times.
Sometimes I have resorted to Lenten resolutions or gimmicks to get myself back on track. (More about prayer gimmicks to come in future posts!) 
With a particularly bumpy start…it looks like this Lent is going to be one of those times.
Inspired by the 3 times I have been on the Lightweigh, I recognize the importance of checking in everyday and keeping myself accountable to my commitments…even if I have to resort to a checklist to keep track.
Somehow a checklist motivates me…I’m not sure why.  
Does anyone else understand that?

Before Lent started this year, I was already trying something new.  I picked up a spiral-bound daytimer calendar at the dollar store.  I like it because there are only about 2 days per page, with lines to write on and even little check-circles to check.  The calendar is not specific to any year…it has the months and the dates, but not the day of the week.  I’m using it to keep track of how I meet my goals each day:

  • prayer-time
  • exercise
  • portions
  • no 2nds (do vegetables count?)
  • no snacking 
  • who I’m praying for
  • …and what I’m sacrificing (for those intentions) 

This is a big list for me (and notice how THREE of them have to do with food?)  As much as I’d like to simplify…the whole list of options keeps me hopeful that somehow I’ll be able to check off at least a couple each day! 

I’m also trying to write …even a little snippet about the Scripture or spiritual reading that got my attention that day. These days…that would be either from Scripture, particularly John’s Letters,  Surrender by Fr Larry Richards OR A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms by Lisa Hendey

Maybe the small amount of space in the daytimer works for me too…not as intimidating as a big blank page…and just enough motivation to not skip a day!

Does this make sense to anyone else?


  1. This makes perfect sense to me. Since I started journalling my prayer/scripture time, I have been more focused. You have some great ideas here. Some I’m definitely going to have to try. Thanks for sharing with NOBH! Smiles –

  2. This is very similar to what I do. My brain is always so full that unless I focus on a written prayer request or goal, I have trouble concentrating.

    Always love your posts. Thanks for linking at NOBH!

  3. I have been keeping journals for years. There are few that have daily entries. And then there are some that have an entry every two days, once a month. That’s when I begin my day with other activities instead of time in the Word and prayer. Like your idea of the small calendar journal. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes, makes total sense to me. I’m trying to focus more on prayer this Lent as well. I am also keeping a prayer journal, which is really helping me stay focused on my prayer intentions.

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