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(1) Create an ornament for key Saints days…over the months of the year and then display them on the Christmas tree…Sanctus Simplicitus used paper mache’ ornaments and mod podge with Saint images found on the internet.
Check out the Sanctus Simplicitus Saint Ornaments

(2) Catholic Games:  Shower of Roses made the best set of 30 Saint Bingo Cards…and it’s a FREE printable!  What a great way to get the kids familiar with the Saints!

(3) Blogging Catholic!  OK, so this isn’t exactly a new idea, but this is a new network for Catholic bloggers called
St Padre Pio Catholic Social Media Network.  Currently it’s a group on facebook, but we suspect it may turn into a shared blog where Catholic bloggers can meet, share resources, blog posts and links.

(4) Homemade Catholic Jewellery

OK, I haven’t actually turned this Catholic yet, but I plan to!
So this pendant, I think is actually silver and sold at this etsy shop, but a pinterester noted that she could ‘take clay, imprint some pretty charm onto it, paint silver’.  I’m thinking…what a cool way to make our own Holy Medals, by imprinting the embossed Holy Medals of our favorite Saints.  I know the text would imprint backwards…but I think we could smooth it over.
Voilà…Catholic Clay Jewellery that looks like silver!

(5)  my most popular post on my blog
Guess Who: Saints Edition

(6) and one of my other favorites that snuck under the radar:
Homemade Top Trumps: Saints Edition
(7) is up to you!  Please share your own activities and crafts that you have ‘made Catholic’!
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  1. Thanks for sharing the Saints Bingo! I had fun making it and am glad that others are able to use it too! 🙂 God bless!

  2. Thanks for sharing our Christmas ornament idea! Some great ideas you have there 🙂

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