Catholic Lingo Bingo!NEW Spanish Version!

This is a BIG deal, considering that up here in Canada, our second language is FRENCH!
We have had many requests to translate our products
and THANKS to my friend Xhonane of Familia Católica,
we our releasing our FIRST Spanish Cathletics Craft Kit!

Check out my friend Xhonane’s REVIEW and GIVEAWAY of
Lingo Bingo Católico at Familia Católica,
Versión electrónica en Español
Xhonane graciously agreed to help with the translation of the Catholic Lingo Bingo craft kit! 
She has been so wonderful to work with and the Spanish Version of Catholic Lingo Bingo is now available for sale on her site as well!  She is offering a special deal on her new e-book  Libro “El Año Liturgico en Familia” as well, along with a special GIVEAWAY!
I love to see how Xhonane has used the Catholic Lingo Bingo Craft Kit with her family.  She even gives her specific approach to teaching the Vessels and Vestments and the various ways that the kit can be used as a Bingo Game and as a Matching Game.

Catholic Lingo Bingo!
Cathletics Craft Kit TM

Monica McConkey (Author)
Price: $15 U.S.
Look inside the Catholic Lingo Bingo
Purchase NOW and receive INSTANTLY
to print at home!
Downloadable PDF version  Price: $13 U.S.

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NEW: Versión en Español Price $10 U.S. (Limited Time!)
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Product Details
1 color cover, 16 black and white templates including instructions, master set and 15  (ready-to-color 8.5″x11″) bingo cards, permission to photocopy for single household or single class term use, all contained in a clear plastic11″x 9″ envelope.
This kit includes a Bingo game, teaching the Vessels, Vestments and Sacramentals
The templates can also be used for a matching game.

Publisher:  Arma Dei (2011)

Language:  English
Product Dimension:  9″x11″
Printed Weight: 120g
Return to our Cathletics Craft Kit page to order the
Paper Version of Catholic Lingo Bingo (English)

$15 U.S. plus shipping

Please include your email address or email me your email address
for the quickest way to claim your Craft Kit!
The Catholic Lingo Bingo is now available
in English AND Spanish!


  1. I enjoy every visit to your blog because of your creativity and commitment to your children’s complete education. This is yet another example! Thank you for sharing and for linking up through NOBH! Smiles –

  2. Hello Monica,
    Thank you for your hard work and doing it available in Spanish. I’d like to enter the giveaway.
    Dios los bendiga.:)

  3. hola Monica yo deseo participar en el sorteo del bingo en la versión español, muchas gracias por darme la oportunidad y ojalá gane tu producto para poder continuar evangelizando en la familia Dios les bendiga!

  4. LOVE your products….Met you at the NCEA conference last year and purchased products there at your booth and also online. The most beautiful artwork and creativity I’ve seen in a long time—can’t wait to see more! Entering the giveaway-subscriber and customer!

    [email protected]

  5. Hi Monica,

    I blogged today on Rosarymom and Community of Catholic Bloggers about your fantastic Family Calendar and your giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity of reviewing your calendar. I think it’s a must have for all teachers and moms!

  6. What a great game! I am a subscriber, and I would like to enter the drawing. Thank you for the opportunity.
    [email protected]

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