Captivated by the New Mass?

So it’s the 7th Sunday with the New Mass!  I’m learning that it’s definitely a PROCESS!  Those responses that we have been saying for years and years are hard to shake!

With the release of the 3rd Edition of the Roman Missal, our family apostolate Arma Dei released a revised Craft Kit called Color Me Catholic.  A few of my favorite Catholic bloggers agreed to review my new Craft Kit, assembling and coloring the 10 booklets with their kids and trying them out as they jump into the New Mass.  I know that I did not do justice to the posts of these gracious ladies and their helpful reviews and pictures, when the reviews were posted during the Advent and Christmas seasons!
So, changing up the Link of LightBulbs a little…here are
Links of Reviews for Color Me Catholic:

(1) Laura explains a little about the 10 booklet templates within the Color Me Catholic Craft Kit on her blog Day by Day in Our WorldUnlike lapbooking, these mini-booklets are meant to be read like a book.  There are 10 mini-booklets in all that cover treasured Vessels, Vestments & Symbols, Church Furnishings, Parts of the Mass and Sacraments & Sacramentals plus 8 pages of phrases from the New Roman Missal Mass in sequential order. Check out Laura’s review of Color Me Catholic

(2) Tracy at A Slice of Smith Life says These Mass booklets are a perfect size for little hands and material is covered a little at a time to keep children’s attention without being too overwhelming.
Check out A Slice of Smith Life for the whole review!  It has a lot of information and great pictures!

The folder holds the entire collection of 10 booklets!

 (3) Jennifer at Crafolic had great things to say and awesome pictures to post!  I think that this is a Crafolic Kid!
(Isn’t “Crafolic” a great name for a Catholic crafts blog?)

(4) Noreen, the Rosary Mom included some printing tips in her review along with a reminder about the Color Me Catholic Tutorial.  She seemed pleased with the kit when she shared it with her First Grade Relgioius Education Class!  I could tell immediately, that they loved the size of the books and they went through them swiftly asking many questions.  They enjoyed pointing out what they knew but most of it was new to them.  They spontaneously quizzed each other to see who knew the answer to the question.  It was a great tool to generate conversation about what they see in Church, what it is used for and who wears or uses which item.  I plan to use this as an on-going learning experience for my class and then bring them into Church to make the connection.  My 11 year old son even learned a thing or two while looking through the mini-booklets.  

(5) Shannon at Peace, Love and Rainbows said This was a great product and one I think all Catholic families would enjoy. The booklets are a wonderful hands on way to really get your kids to learn parts of mass and get involved. They are small enough for even the tiniest hands to hold. The folder that keeps them all in one place is perfect. They are a great edition to a Mass bag for families to take to church with them. Families are not the only ones who would enjoy them they would be wonderful for a Catholic school religion class for all the grades.  Please read Shannon’s Review of Color Me Catholic.

(6) Amy at Teaching Saints wrote about using Color Me Catholic with her 13 and 10 year old kids. They are well drawn, easy to use, and informative…If your kid is a missal user , or uses their Mass book then these would be great. But even if they do not use it  during Mass, coloring the booklets, talking about it when you put them together, your children would still learn a great deal. So far I give this product 2 BIG thumbs up!!  Please check out the entire Teaching Saints’ Review.

(7) The Color Me Catholic Cathletics Craft Kit is available in a Paper Version or a PDF printable. 
Color Me Catholic: New Roman Missal Edition!

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  1. I too, appreciate the opportunity to review your products with my son and especially with my first grade Religious Ed class. It’s a gift to inspire them to want to know more about God and Our Faith! You are a blessing to us all Monica!

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to review your Color Me Catholic New Mass books, Monica! The kids are still enjoying them!
    *And I’m glad you like the new blog name! 😉
    God Bless!

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