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I finally have an intro page…complete with photos from our photo shoot yesterday.  Wow…it’s difficult to get 7 people with their eyes open, nice smiles, out of the shadow (Kelly!) and looking in the same direction, all at the same time, especially when one is only 19 months.  This is my new Intro Page!

The first of it’s kind!  An index of Link Ups…just for Catholics!
Check it out, link up your ideas and please share the button AND a link to CathoLINK LIBRARY…for easy access to Catho-LINKS!

This is the SECOND week using the NEW Roman Missal Mass.
Check out our downloadable Color Me Catholic: New Roman Missal Edition for a fun way to familiarize the kids with the new text as well as Vessels, Vestments, Parts of the Mass, Church Furnishings and Sacraments.

I like to keep my linkies OPEN so that everyone can keep linking their projects.  Add your homemade Nativity (and related nativity activity) posts here at the Nativity Activity Linky.

This is my special post about the Knitted Nativity my Auntie Ingrid MADE me just in time for Advent!!
We love it!

In case you’re not totally sick of posts about Homemade Nativities…here are all the ones we have made!

This is my Advent Calendar Linky…and it’s also STILL open, for people like me who are a little behind.  Yes, I still have yet to post my new Advent Calendar that I’m working on.  I’m not sure if we will end up using it for this Advent or just looking forward to breaking it out next year!
It’s not too late to link up!

Book Badge Review and Doodle Summary 
for The Third Testament
A book by John Eklund.


  1. Wow, you have been busy!!! –
    And getting everyone to look good in family pictures is a huge problem for us, too. We were working with 10 of us last time, and we just added another. Our next family picture will be even more fun!!
    Your pictures took good and they always look better a few months later!

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