The Third Testament: Book Badge Review + Doodle Summary

This is my Book Badge Review and Doodle Summary of The Third Testament.

John Eklund writes of the journey of Fred Sankt, who, in the midst of personal crisis feels compelled to record historical events and figures within the context of a third installment of the Bible: The Third Testament.  Presented through the thoughts, conversations and discoveries of this character, Eklund’s approach removes himself from presumption: because after all, who in this day and age could write an addition to the Bible that would be widely accepted as a necessary and Holy Spirit-inspired expansion of our sacred scripture?

We walk beside the main character as he struggles through personal issues, adding credibility and humanity to his awesome task.  Fred’s journey is honest and heart-wrenching and it’s difficult not to invest in his story.  While the book’s focus was the personal story of the main character; even more interesting to me was the historical presentation of the last 2000 years within the context of the Church.  We are reminded of the humanity of the Biblical writers and their struggles (think of Job!) and we are refreshed by the solace Fred finds in recording our Church history.

I found the historical accounts of events and the lives of the saints interesting and informative.  I enjoyed reading new stories about saints I am familiar with as much as I enjoyed the connections between historical events and figures I knew very little about. 
While the occasional conversation/inner thought seemed a little contrived and the juxtaposition of other source quotes and Fred’s summaries of events sometimes felt repetitive,  I want to read this book Fred is working on, in its entirety! 

Impressed with the sample text, summary notes and outline provided in this book , I am eager to read his ordered and detailed account of the last 2000 years ~ and curious to see what events and which historical figures make the cut!
I’m sure many will agree!

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