A fun way to teach kids the new Mass! Countdown is on!

Looking for a fun way
to teach kids the new Mass?

Color Me Catholic: New Roman Missal Edition!

Cathletics Craft Kit TM

Monica McConkey (Author)  

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Product Details
1 color cover, 20 black and white templates (double-sided printing), 3 black and white templates for the instructions and folder, permission to photocopy for single household or single class term use, all contained in a clear plastic 11″x 9″ envelope.

Instructions and templates to create 10 mini-booklets, each offering 8 mini coloring pages of treasured Vessels, Vestments & Symbols, Church Furnishings, Parts of the Mass and Sacraments & Sacramentals plus 8 pages of phrases from the New Roman Missal Mass in sequential order. 
A template is also included to create a folder to hold the booklets.

The full collection allows for exposure to most of the text of the Mass (especially all the “People’s Parts”) and many images, easily reviewed over 10 Masses.  Why not re-circulate the booklets for the next 10 Masses, for even better familiarity, getting kids to look and listen during Mass?

Publisher:  Arma Dei (2011)

Language:  English
Product Dimension:  9″x11″
Printed Weight: 94g

Paper Version Price: $16 U.S. plus shipping

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  1. We love it so far! stop by my blog to check out our weekly reviews.

  2. Excelent! The New Roman Missal Edition!! I watched the video, that is a great idea, it always helps to have visuals!!

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