Top Ten Ways to Recycle an empty Peanut Butter Jar

1. Travel Ice Box: nice and cold, no leaks and melts into refreshing drinking water!  Fill with ice cubes…just don’t fill the whole jar with water and freeze because the plastic jar will crack with the lightest of taps on a counter. Trust me.

2. Yucky Liquid Container…contains chicken fat that you don’t want to pour down the drain or works as a ‘barf bag’ in the car.  Sorry…I couldn’t think of a nice way of putting that. 
In both cases…the lid closes tight, no leaks, no smells!

3. Fresh Fishies Container:  Does anyone else accidentally rip the fishies bag in their haste to give a grumpy child a snack?  The fishies are destined to lose their freshness…as the bag is no longer airtight and the fishies spill into the cupboard? One jumbo peanut butter jar is almost big enough for one bag of fishies from the Costco jumbo box of fishies.  And now, you can easily identify the snacks in the clear container, instead of hunting for the ripped, foil bag.

4. Craft Supply Cannisters…do you ever hesitate to throw away bottle caps, frozen juice lids because you might possibly have a use for them in a craft someday?  The jumbo container is small enough to avoid “hoarding” accusations, but large enough to hold alot.  These are also great containers for buttons, beads, acorns, marbles, glass pebbles…
Spray paint the lid with chalkboard paint for easy identification, or at least because it will look cool.

5. Man-ly Hardware Organizers: kind of like cannisters for the workshop. Especially if you quickly collect the regular size peanut butter jars…they are handy for same size nails, screws, bolts, etc.  You can affix the label of those nasty little 8piece packages, or label the containers yourself….or leave it to the clear container to catch your eye.  The jars can actually be secured to the underside of a shelf by their lids, for easy access and a cool and orderly display.  I have been eyeing baby food jars for years …for smaller collections of hardware.  These could also be secured to the underside of a shelf, unless they were spray painted with chalkboard paint for easy identification.

6. Giant Snow-Globe or Terrarium
The clear peanut butter jars will work best for this.

7. Magnetic Pipe Cleaner Sculpture or other Discovery Bottles using magnets and pipe cleaners, paper clips and water, colored water and oil, glycerin and glitter, hair gel and marbles…
The clear peanut butter jars will work best for this.

8. Stretch a balloon over the opening for a drum: 
Add beads or washers or other small objects to experiment with the sound of the drum or to be used as a musical shaker.

9. Yummy Chicken Soup Stock: Just don’t pour the liquid in until it has cooled off sufficiently or it will warp the container (and can’t be too good for the food)! Store in the fridge and remove the fat that solidifies at the top of the jar.  Easily identified for the yummy chicken soup stock that it is… so it won’t get lost in the fridge…and very important: won’t spill in the fridge!

10. Pencil Case, Small Boardgame Pieces Container, Piggy Bank, Catch-all for small pieces you don’t want to lose

vote for #10, recommend your own brilliant use for the empty peanut butter jar or mention your favorite use from this list…in the comments!

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  1. Great ideas for the PB jar. We go through a ton of those. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH.

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