as scary as it gets in our house: our own friendly Ghostbuster!

It was fun making the backpack…with extra lids, orphaned baby dishes, random bottle spouts, flapped lids, baby bottle collars and $1 store dish towel holders on a spray-painted cardboard box.  The hose is a couple of white-duct-tape wrapped paper rolls. 
The latch for the hose is a the leftover duct tape roll.
The utility belt was a prized custom-made gift a few years ago and the flashlights and goggles were neat ‘finds’ around the house.

The little viles are those little water containers for the ends of cut flowers.  I knew I’d figure out another use for them someday.
The classic ghostbuster logo on the T-shirt and the backpack were found online and copied and colored with my trusty sharpie markers.


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