Superhero Party

When Joseph was 6, we had a Superhero Birthday Party.

We made special invitations with a registration form to let the kids think about what superpowers they would like and what would be their superhero name and secret identity.

Here are the registration forms.  They may look a little intimidating but they were a lot of fun!
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(task tally sheet).
We made a Retinal Scan and Hand Print Identification Station out of a cardboard box, but since it was pre-blog in 2007, I don’t have any pictures!  We also weighed and measured each kid, just so we had more to add to their identification badge.
Here’s a sketch.

The party was in February, so we had a few ‘tasks’ outside, testing for speed (homemade luge run), agility and villain capture (catching the “Cake Capers”…my older brother and friend, dressed as villains), endurance (obstacle course), invisibility (hide and seek), aim (target practice), survival (finding the kryptonite) and X-Ray vision (identifying objects while blindfolded).  Joseph’s older sisters (dressed in lab coats aka oversized white shirts) recorded the scores (a little subjectively) on the verification sheets (also available by pdf).

Our youngest at the time was a little too young to appreciate Superhero awesomeness.
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  1. I’m having a superhero party in October, would LOVE to use the registration forms!!

  2. This looks like a blast! Creative and so fun! The superhero tasks must have been so fun to do and all the smiles in the photos prove that all your hard work paid off! Thanks for continuing to share all your wonderful ideas on NOBH! Thanks Monica!

  3. Wow awesome idea. It’s going to be super fun to organize such a party but it’s gonna take so much time too. I bet all the kids had more fun than they expected!

  4. What great idea. Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the NOBH.

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