Miniature Memory Game: Converted to Catholic!


I saw this cute Miniature Memory Game and thought I’d like to ‘convert it to Catholic’!
I found my 3/4″ circle punch and started cutting out the images.  I figured I could use duplicate holy cards (not that I really want to cut into them, but you can get such beautiful saint images!), or duplicate Christmas cards for the images.
I happen to have the added advantage of having lots of Cathletics Playing Cards and Reverence and Awe Collector Cards.  The Reverence and Awe Collector Cards have colorful illustrations of Vessels and Vestments and Sacramentals which are great for these miniatures.  Depending on how they are cropped, they could be a little abstract…but very interesting.  I just have to make sure to crop them in the same place, so that the 2 images are identical.

Since I couldn’t find cheap wooden disks, I am trying a few other materials.  I like the look of the little round images on steel washers.  I experimented and found that both rubber cement and mod podge worked well to secure the images.  The cards are glossy, so the ink held well and didn’t blur.  Bristol board or scrapbook paper could be cut with the same circle punch and glued on the backs of all the washers (covering the hole of the washer), making the memory game complete. I like how compact these little disks are.  They will be easy to travel with and fun to clink together.

The image-covered washers would make cool fridge magnets too!  The washers actually stick to magnets, but would need to be glued to the magnet if you want to keep them intact. With the attached magnets, the image-covered washers could be a great travel game, sticking to a clean cookie sheet.

The 3/4″ circular images also happen to fit perfectly within the poker chips that I have.  I’m not sure if I’ll categorize the images by the color of the poker chip or not.

I still have my circle punch from my other frozen juice lid crafts.
I think a memory game with these larger disks could be fun too.
Wanting to teach the vessels and vestments, I have chosen to once again use the  Reverence and Awe Collector Cards. The colors are nice and bright and the images stand out well, within the frozen juice lids.  Again, most people don’t have an abundant supply of these cards.Take a look at our Cathletics Playing Cards and Reverence & Awe Collector Cards.
A better product link page will be posted shortly!
Inquire at Monica(at)ArmaDei(dot)com.
I think duplicate Christmas cards and duplicate holy cards would be excellent for the frozen juice lids…expecially if the images are at least as wide as the 2.5″ circle punch!
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  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing at the Stache Party! I hope you’ll come back next month to link up!

  2. What a way to use a beloved game for a bit of teaching too! The pieces are very creative and resourceful too! I bet the kids can’t say no to the fun game 😀

  3. That’s is soooo cool! I will have to make that for my first grade religious ed class!

  4. What a great idea and I LOVE that you converted it to a Catholic game! I’m your newest follower from the Sunday Scoop Link Party. I would love for my Catholic family to be equipped by your blog!!

    Please feel free to link up your game to my Make Yourself Monday Blog Hop! I’d love to have you!! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

    I have a lot of Catholic readers who would really enjoy this! :o)

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