Birthday Party: Teddy Bear Depot

Our first DIY Teddy Bear party was so much fun that we had another Teddy Bear party for the same kid when she was 10!

For both parties, I was able to find very reasonably priced bears for each of the kids attending the party.  The second time around, the bears were only $1 each at Dollarama!

The first time around, I made these easy No-Sew Ponchos for each of the bears. 

 The kids decorated them with sticky jewels, sequins, foam flowers and letters and felt.


 The second time around, I found cute little knit sweaters (beside the Dollarama bears!) and I bought a selection so that the kids could choose their favorites. The kids decorated the sweaters with little jewel brads and sticky jewels.  They also made a foam I.D. for their newly named bear, along with a pony bead necklace.

Although the 6 year olds enjoyed a pure Adoption process, complete with Adoption papers and a pledge to take care of their bears, the 10 year olds were surprised by the “Secret Rescue Operation” when my brother broke into the room with a cardboard box of bears. 

The invitation reads
“Your assistance is required at the Teddy Bear Depot
for Kelly’s double digits Secret Rescue Operation.”

The Bear Care Instructions:
1. Never leave your bear under your bed.
2. Your bear does not eat honey (or any real food, really)
3. Give your bear an air bath once in a while with a hair dryer on a cool setting.
The certificate to be filled out at the party once the bear is named:
This is to certify that _____promises to love and to care for _________ and has achieved outstanding success at rescuing and naming, grooming and dressing, saving and soothing.
It was all quite official.


  1. What a cute idea for a party. I just posted instructions to a new-set American Girl dress that is similar to the bear outfit. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH! 🙂

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