Birthday Party: Minute to Win it!

Minute to win it cake
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Minute To Win It is an NBC gameshow with challenges to complete within 60 seconds.
My eldest daughter decided to host a Minute To Win It party for her 15th birthday.  She collected the household materials for about 25 different challenges and tried them out, ranking them by difficulty.  Her 13 friends randomly chose 3 different challenges…and it kept them busy for about 2 hours!
She let me take pictures as she and her brother tried each challenge before the party!
minute to win it joe
Face the Cookie
Move Oreo biscuits individually from your forehead
to your mouth
Materials:  Oreo or other favorite cookie
minute to win it straw
Suck Up
(Minute To Win It’s name…not ours!)
Materials:  long straws and M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Candies
Ping Pong Plop
Align 5 glass bottles upside down.  Place a ping pong ball on the first bottle and blow it across the bottles and into a bowl.
Materials:  5 glass bottles, ping pong ball and bowl
minute to win it Em 4
A Bit Dicey
Stack 6 dice on top of each other on a popsicle stick
held in your mouth
Materials:  popsicle stick and 6 dice
minute to win it rattleBaby Rattle
Transport all the gumballs from one soda bottle to another.
Materials: 2 empty, clean and dry 2L pop bottles, 1 lb of gumballs, duct tape
minute to win it unicornUnicorn Horn
Stack 6 slices of a pool noodle on the forehead.
Materials:  pool noodle cut into 1″ slices
minute to win it ping pong
Ping Pong Pizza Pie
Blow 6 colored ping pong balls off of a round pizza pan, without blowing any of the white ping pong balls off the pan.
Materials:  6 colored ping pong balls, 20 white ping pong balls, round pizza pan
minute to win it spoonMarble Mania
With only a spoon, keep 3 marbles
on an inclined surface.
Materials:  spoon, 3 marbles, masonite board (upside down for rougher surface),
slightly inclined surface (we used a stool, propped up slightly on one side by 1″ pool noodle slices)
Check this out for many, many more Minute To Win It game ideas.


  1. Love this! What a fun idea…our crew would really think this is fun and they really enjoy the show. Very creative mommy! 🙂
    ~Kara @ The Chuppies/NOBH

  2. What a great idea! Those are such fun games. I might have to do that with my family too! 🙂

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