newest member of The Catholic Illustrator’s Guild

Our Kelly is the newest member of The Catholic Illustrator’s Guild.
Check out her introduction.

My name is Kelly and I will be 13 in November.

When I was in Kindergarten, I was very unapproachable and stubborn.  I cried. a lot. On my first day of school, my teacher suggested that we all draw self-portraits.  Though all the other kids had A  LOT of fun doing so, I tried and tried to make my drawing as good as something my older sister would draw, and failed.  I cried and cried and even said the “s” word (”stupid”).  What can I say?  I was a Kindergarten rebel.  I vowed never to draw again.  But how could I do THAT?!?  As weeks followed, although I remained unmanageable, I began to draw.  In fact, the classroom was suddenly covered in my drawings.  Yes, THAT is where I got my start.

I now draw everywhere,
on everything and all the time.

When I’m not doing so, I’m probably being pestered by one of my four other siblings or my crazy Dad.
(Sorry, Dad.)

I recently started drawing comics with characters of my own.  My favorites are the ones I do about what my baby brother Adam does when no one is looking… like cooking, sky-diving, teaching spanish to the elderly (even though he can’t really talk yet)
and looking for a job.

I hope one day to be a famous artist…
but for now, I’d just like to show you some of my work.

Check out Kelly’s first animated movie “Adam-ation” and her introduction to Kelly Comics on our family blog called Equipping Catholic Families.
Kelly’s got her own facebook page too.
Watch for Kelly’s comic strips in upcoming issues of Faith & Family magazine!

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