magic party for a 5 year old

This is our 4th 5-year-old Magic birthday party, inspired by my dad who likes to do magic.  We wanted to have a craft for the kids to decorate and cool stuff to send them home with, including a real magic trick that our very own magician will teach them how to do!  Consistent with our family tradition, Sigurd the Wizard (a.k.a. my dad) will perform his excellent magic show extravaganza, with the birthday girl as his assistant.

OK, so I know I have over-used this photo…but isn’t it cute?
Using these supplies, paint and a sharpie, we pre-painted the ‘magic boxes’ for her friends.

We painted the boxes with solid colors and we’re hoping the kids don’t all want the same color!  We painted all the wands white and black for a traditional wand look…also so the kids don’t fight over their preference.

 I suspect that a considerable amount of glitter will be added tomorrow to add to the magic.
The birthday girl got a head-start decorating her “magic box”
with dollar store jewels, gems and stars and glitter.
We’re going to send the kids home with their very own customized and decorated magic boxes, filled with a deck of cards, a sparkly coin (poker chip) and their very own magic napkin, after they’re taught how to make a coin disappear and reappear with it.
I would post a tutorial for how to make the magic napkin, but I’m afraid that it would breach the contract with our very own magician and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.  I will say this.  It would have been easier if I could have found cloth napkins to start with, but stores don’t seem to carry these anymore!!
Here’s a sneak peek at the TEN magic napkins, under the sparkly coins.
We will likely post a few more pictures after the party tomorrow!

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