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This post about a Love Letters Tradition seems strangely familiar!  I have been writing these letters for years for each of my 5 kids…and a couple extra Godchildren as well. They have not yet seen these letters, describing them …sometimes from before they were born and then at least once a year (when I remember!).  I write about the crazy stuff they do, their favourite toy, the funny things they say…and that I love them.
I suspect that they will be surprised (unless they read this blog=) when they receive their collection of mail.

I have written on fancy paper, scraps of construction paper, valentine’s cards and inside their own customized birthday invitations…over the last 14 years.

I have included handwritten letters from Grandma, a proud uncle or a Godmother …and those embarrassing postcards we sent them when they were at camp (with all the pictures of them plastered on the front for all to see).

I’m not sure what form the collection will take when I’m ready to hand it over:  a shoebox…a scrapbook, I have even tried to paint and collage over picture books to try and recreate the Griffin and Sabine style correspondence.
I’m not sure what milestone will be the trigger for me to hand over the collections…maybe sweet sixteen or 19 or passage to university…engagement…marriage …or first baby.   I think they will be surprised by the collection…and maybe they’ll consider it a family tradition worth continuing…


  1. Eleanor Hunt says:

    Hi Monica,
    What a lovely tradition you have implemented. I have one in reverse… i.e. I have kept every letter (some of them telling me off lol) card (birthdays,Christmas, mother’s day, etc.), things that they have made for me, since they were little (they are now 38 and 36), as well as those of my five grandchildren. I have now seven memory boxes. All the contents are in chronological order. I am also not sure how I am going to give it to them, perhaps with a cover letter… but what joy and love they have given me over the years…and I am so so proud and humbled to be their mommy.

    Happy New Year to you, Bill and the children xoxoxoxo

  2. Teresa Kusatz says:

    Hi Monica,
    I REALLY enjoyed your blog today! What a beautiful Christmas letter! It’s even completely illustrated!
    Your article on your love letters was so touching! It makes me want to share with you one my Mom wrote to me, telling me that you and your brother Stephen were my greatest accomplishments – so true!
    Wishing you and your wonderful family a Blessed Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy New Year.
    Love Mom

  3. I love just what you did. I believe that saying what you mean is much sweeter when you put it on a letter. surely your son and daughter loves you so much for this. Thanks for inspiring us. you can also visit for more enjoyable articles

  4. What a wonderful and loving idea!! Your children will surely be touched by your loving words, and by your attention to writing them in the midst of your busy life raising them!

    God bless!

  5. A colleague of mine shared the importance of “Our Stories, Our Lives” as a means to communicate with subsequent generations. I have two blogs, one private (for my daughters) and one public, where I share my experience as a Catholic dad.

    Love your creativity! Thank you, for your blog! :D+ Ed

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