I Spy…October!

  Awesome Saints in October!  Which one is your favorite?        I Spy…July!    I Spy…August!    I Spy…September!We have been playing I Spy…the Saints for a couple months!  Check out these DIY Photo Collages of the Saints…using a scanner and our specialI Spy…Holy Coins!   Other

Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families

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I Spy…September!

Here’s my I Spy…September!

I’m just curious…which collage do you like the best so far?

 Check out I Spy…August!

  Check out I Spy…July!

 Check out I Spy…Holy Coins

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I Spy…August Saints!

At the beginning of July, I began a new feature….the monthly I Spy…the Saints!
series of photo collages made with a scanner!

Check out I Spy…July!
Check out DIY Photo Collage with a Scanner for tips on this technique
Check out I Spy…Holy Coins! made from sacramentals in Joseph’s room

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I Spy: JULY! (Saints Collage)


OK, I know I have posted THREE DIY I Spy pictures and posts over the last few days.  This is my last one for a while, launching my  monthly Catholic I Spy, featuring the Saints for each month.  Happy July!

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Catholic I Spy: Holy Coins!


Our kids have been collecting various ‘holy treasures’, especially on our Catholic Bookstore tours.  We have been known to pack up the kids for a driving trip, solely planned around Catholic Bookstores we want to visit.  This may sound odd, but when we discerned that we would self-publish the book A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families, we were just very eager to get the word out and meeting Catholic Bookstore owners was a lot more fun than cold calling by phone.

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