The Catholic Toddler Letters of Frankie and Adam

This is an excerpt of a letter from a wonderful little boy named Frankie, graciously transcribed by his Mom at=&0=& to the Lady who yelled at his Mom  at Church. I love how eloquent this letter is and how Frankie clearly rises above uncharitable reactions.  He has clearly grasped the lessons of St Therese, converting experiences with cranky people to opportunities for growing in virtue. Please check out An Open Letter to the Church Lady Who Yelled at My Mom for the full letter in its wisdom-filled entirety!

Little Frankie writes:

you took that opportunity to tell my mom a lot of stuff including that she is “a big distraction in Mass” and “everyone thinks so”.  Ouch.
Now, my mom and I both know you are wrong.  I’ve been coming to this Mass with my mom since before I was born.  These people are crazy about me.  “EVERYONE” seems to me to really like seeing young families at Mass.
…Well, here’s what I have to say about that: Who says you get to have peace and serenity at Mass?  Either of you?  You can be hair shirts for each other.  And maybe it will make you both better people.  
All right Church Lady, that’s all for now.  Those block towers aren’t going to smash themselves.  But I’ll see you tomorrow morning.  And pretending you don’t see me just makes me try harder to get your attention.  love Frankie
The truth is, Frankie sounds a lot like my little guy Adam.  Adam likes to be busy and he has been known to bang things around and shriek a little at Mass.  OK, a lot.  Frankie’s Mom and I have decided to let Frankie and Adam be pen-pals and explore the world of Mass, cranky people, Catholic traditions, being the youngest of 5 or 6 kids and how they are doing on their daunting task of training their Moms, Dads and siblings in their Catholic vocations.

Here is Adam’s first response to Frankie (graciously transcribed by Adam’s Mom):

Hi Frankie,

I know just what you mean. My mom gets uptight about cranky old people who glare at her just because I like to stay busy at Mass. Sometimes I want to sort the hymn books or just flip through them, pretending I can read music. Sometimes the kneeler isn’t down and someone has their foot on it and it makes it hard to have it ready for kneeling time. Sometimes I just want to make a dash for the aisle and see how many pews I can cross before someone grabs me.

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