Awesome Catholic Products NCEA 2012: Links of LightBulbs {13}

We just returned from the NCEA 2012…the National Catholic Education Association conference in Boston last week! As always, I discovered some great products and awesome Catholic initiatives and wanted to add them to my list of Fabulous Finds at Catholic Conferences. (1) Our Coats of Many Colors: meticulously-sewn and surprisingly affordable Saints & Religious Order Costumes for kids and adults.  Quite a variety of costumes and sizing…and trust me, these are beautifully made!  (2) Celebration Banners:  a new approach to Sacrament Banners …they even lead workshops in the New Jersey area. Great Sacrament and Catholic-themed precut stickers and a quality burlap / embroidery material backing with a fringe.  They were also giving away Holy Communion cookie cutters! …Not to be confused with Illuminated Ink…also friends of ours who have awesome Sacrament banners with beautiful designs and pre-cut, quality pieces.  (3) Dragon Slayers by Paraclete Press … not specifically Catholic (had to mention that!)… I am so excited to review Dragon Slayers!  If you have an 11-year old knight child, fascinated with Medieval times (as I do)…this is a beautifully designed, fun-to-read book, challenging us to fight dragons…a.k.a. SINS.  The irresistable writing style will teach them even more than they realize…and challenge them to the most honorable of quests!  I’m hooked!  I wish I had written this book!  Watch for my Book Badge Review of this book and Doodle Summary! I will review this book SOON!…as long as I can get the book away from my son long enough for me to read it!  Paraclete Press also has neat books to help us approach prayer in new and creative ways. (I have already mentioned Praying in Color) (4)

Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families

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Catholic Conferences…it’s not too late to submit your favorite!

Is your favorite Catholic conference listed before the voting starts? I just extended the linky submission deadline. (1) Conferences (and retreats and prayer events) for Catholics (2) Conferences for Religious Educators (3) Conferences for Bookstore Owners (4) Conferences for Homeschoolers (5) Favorite Conferences…not necessarily Catholic! read more...for Equipping Catholic Families!

Catholic Conferences: List of Links (4)

Please note: this is a work in progress!

I am gradually adding as many conferences as possible within the different linkies.  Please be patient…we’re on the 4th sick kid in the family…in a week.  Feel free to speed up the process and add some conference links!  Don’t worry if you can’t add the thumbnail images…I will try to add them later.

Voting for your favorite conferences
will begin in a few days!
(I hope to have all the conferences added by then!)

(1) for Catholics

(2) for Religious Educators

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Cool Stuff about Catholic Conferences

(1) Cool Catholic Stuff! Over the years we have collected many treasures at Catholic Conferences.  It’s so wonderful to see what cool Catholic stuff is out there!  (2) Familiar Faces (and voices!) It was so nice to see Lisa Hendey again (and hear her familiar voice from Catholic Moments!) and to flip through her new book A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms (3) New Friends! We met lots of DREs and teachers and principals and signed up many new friends to our mailing list…and even a couple for our school fundraising program!  We hope they drop by soon to! Please subscribe to EquippingCatholicFamilies, say hello in the comments…or “like” us on facebook! We will announce our next product winners shortly! (4) Great Talks! OK…we heard they were very good… but unfortunately we could not attend them because we were busy at the Arma Dei booth.

(5) Cool Places to see!

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